Full file with geometries & attributes
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Attributes without geometries
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For details about the license, API and metadata, refer to our Docs. The data is also archived on the scientific repository Zenodo


Additional Files

Name Download Info
excluded-datasets-v0.1.xlsx Download file (0.04 Mb)
available government datasets not included and why
city-level-overview-tables-v0.1.zip Download file (3.93 Mb)
provides 48 city-level metrics for all 41, 456 cities
type-matches.zip Download file (0.03 Mb)
maps building types raw data <> EUBUCCO
gadm-city-levels-v0.1.csv Download file (0.00 Mb)
GADM level used for city level per country
admin-codes-matches-v0.1.csv Download file (2.49 Mb)
get country, region, city and input from IDs
input-dataset-metatable-v0.1.xlsx Download file (0.07 Mb)
the main information about input datasets
eubucco-v0_1.zip Download file (98475.64 Mb)
the complete dataset